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Viboal FindEx is a team of professionals on taxation, transfer pricing and tax litigations which provides solutions to tax challenges and assures specialized assistance for the communication with tax authorities.

Our goal is to reduce the tax risks and costs for our clients by establishing the tax practices conformant with to the law, by verifying tax compliance and by assurring a correct process to evaluate the tax compliance in relation to the tax authority. In order to better understand our projects and the value we create for the clients, please visit our website pages presenting our services where you will find information on success, both for us and our clients.

Our standards are generated by recognized values, incorporated within our services:

  • commitment in order to exceed clients’ expectations,

  • recognition regarding the importance of flexibility and providing results at the right time,

  • exigency and care in fulfillment responsibilities,

  • competence based on a background of positive results and continuous improvement,

  • professionalism and integrity towards business partners.

Viboal FindEx is an exclusive member in Romania of Altus Alliance – an alliance covering a global network specialized on transfer pricing, business restructuration and tax litigations.